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So, I was going to NYCC09, expecting to see the Penny Arcade guys and all kinds of cool shizzle, and being all inspired to draw fanart (or at my best, write fanscripts), when SOMEONE TOOK MY CAMERA at the TONNER BOOTH ON SATURDAY, around 5PM.  I was taking pictures, left it on the counter when someone wanted my picture, had to rush to get to something, and when I realized within 15 minutes, it was gone.  Now, a normal person would've turned it into the booth staff or security, but no camera was to be found, so I know it was stolen, probably by someone who ALREADY HAS A CAMERA.  This means likely the majority of attendees.

It was a black Panasonic TZ5 with 3 gigs and MONTHS of photots on a 8 gig card.  This camera's pictures were worth far more than what it cost me.

Since I'm paranoid enough now to think any nerd is capable of this, it's possible even a DA member might be the culprit, and that it's possible this entry might be read by that person.  If so, and that's you, just PM me and I'll you'll get a REWARD for meeting me and getting my camera back.  

And I hope in the future, you'll restrict your stealing to taking from major corporations or to stuff that no one will be hurt by.

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KirakoRora Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
omg what a fing asshole this person is
h8GWB Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
The State Police at the center are also lazy shits, considering they won't let me do a report. Since I didn't "see" this happen, no crime happened, and it really encourages their donut habits from the fact no security cameras "exist" to "see" it, either.

You don't "see" burglaries away from your home, either.
KirakoRora Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
omg wtf them dumb jerks
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Submitted on
February 9, 2009